BS1 Lesson 1: Turned out Nice Again….

By British Stories

Welcome to British Stories Lesson 1.

British visitors are coming to have a look around your office – what are you going to say to them? How are you going to make small talk? Luckily your English friend, Alison, is on hand to give you a few pointers.

This lesson is an “onboarding” lesson.

What that means is it will teach you the method and how to use the lessons as you do it. Expect this lesson to take longer than normal (I estimate about 1 hour to 1.5 hours). Once you get used to the method, lessons should be faster.

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  • Silvia Zooe says:

    It’s the tenth time I practice shadowing, however, I still struggle to pronounce words and chunks clearly and correctly. I am using a reduced speed (0.75) at the moment. Is that normal for the first lesson?

    • Julian Northbrook says:

      Well, shadowing isn’t really about pronunciation as such… it’s more about learning the rhythm of English.

      If you’ve done it ten times and it’s still hard, it’s more likely that you don’t know the chunks/ meaning well enough. And reducing the speed won’t help (it’ll just make things harder). Practise saying the chunks out load first until you get a feel for the pronunciation… and don’t be a perfectionist. You’ve still got 47 lessons to go… no point in wasting time trying to do every single thing perfectly.

      I’ve talked a lot about shadowing in my EES/MEFA group coaching calls. I’ll get Kim to find some relevant clips and post them here.

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