BS1 Lesson 2: Understanding the English

By British Stories

People who learn English from textbooks are often surprised when they going to the UK… to find that almost nobody sounds like they expected. The UK has a very diverse range of accents and dialects — and we talk all about that in this lesson.

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  • Athena Wong says:

    Do British accents represent in songs?

    • Julian Northbrook says:

      Sorry, no idea what you mean.

      • Athena Wong says:

        I want to ask, what is a British accent song like? If there’s a song with an obviously British accent. Or there’s no “British accent song” at all. What about the Beatles?

        • Julian Northbrook says:

          To be honest, I don’t really understand your question. Not because of your English, but because the thing you’re asking doesn’t seem to make any sense?

          Every song ever made by a British person has a British accent… just like every song by an American has an American accent, or every Taiwanese song has a Taiwanese accent, every Japanese song has a Japanese accent, and, well, you get the idea.

          If you mean are there songs with different British accents… yes, but I don’t really have any examples. I only really listen to techno, and there isn’t much singing in that 😉

          • Athena Wong says:

            Thanks for your explanation and patience. I get it. I was thinking of making a song specially composed of some different accents of countries. It will be a multi-culturally diverse song. isn’t it? Good day

  • Yulia Ostrovskaya says:

    Hi Julian. Is there any difference between to speak IN English/a different way and to speak English/a different language?

    • Julian Northbrook says:

      Not really, as far as “in” is concerned.
      But “speak in a different way” and “speak a different language” are obviously totally different because “way” and “language” don’t mean the same thing at all.

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